San Magno Monastery and, overhead, Casale Vallevigna
San Magno Monastery and, overhead, Casale Vallevigna

The lucky position of Casale Vallevigna encourages walks and hikes, both of a naturalistic and cultural nature, in the surrounding areas.

Our farmhouse is just a few metres away from the San Magno Monastery, an ancient historical and religious site that has been recently restored after centuries of neglect. Some very valuable frescos from the Benedictine period have been found in the apse of the antique church. The monastery can be visited any day of the year and it is part of Natural Park of the Ausoni Mountains and the lake of Fondi.

Looking up towards the highest mountain of our area you will instead be able to see the Virgin of the Rocks Sanctuary. You can reach it by car from our farmhouse enjoying the great view over the Fondi plain, surrounded by the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains and open towards the sea and the lake of Fondi. This lake constitutes a very important coastal wetland especially for certain types of birds that stop here on their migratory routes.
From the sanctuary, in clear days, you may be able to see the Pontine islands: Ponza and Ventotene can be reached via boat or hydrofoil from Terracina and Formia.

From Casale Vallevigna it will just take you a few minutes to get to Fondi’s historical centre. The city, of Roman origins, was built on the Appia road and has the typical square structure of Roman military camps: from north to south it is split in two parts by the “Cardo” road, while from east to west it is split by the “Decumano” road.

From Fondi it will just take you around 15 minutes to get to the beach. The coastline, with its dunes, is the perfect place for a long walk. Sperlonga, Gaeta and Terracina are other three maritime cities in the surroundings. The historical centre of Sperlonga – one of the Borghi più belli d’Italia (literally “Italy’s most beautiful towns”) – with its typical white houses that overlook the sea, deserves a visit. Terracina is a little city with lots of history and many things to visit: you surely can’t miss the historical centre of roman origins, as well as the great temple of Jupiter Anxur.