The farmhouse Casale Vallevigna is part of the Marta de Filippis farm, situated in Fondi with around 13 acres of land part of the, so called, Piana di Fondi (literally “the Fondi plain”) and of the pre-Appenines range of “Monti Ausoni”.

The farm is in the process of converting to organic farming.

Olives and olive oil

Olive farming, with two varieties, Itrana and Leccino, is one of the main activities of the farm.
The farm is part of the organization of olive oil producers “O.P. Le Badie” and it produces extra virgin olive oil.

It is possible to buy the oil produced by the De Filippis farm in bottles and cans in the following sizes:

Bottle 0,50 l 0,75 l
Can 1 l 3 l 5 l

menzione - olio de filippis - 2016In 2016 the oil produced by De Filippis farm has been awarded a special mention as the Best extra virgin olive oil in the “lightly flavoured” category at the National oil award “Terra di Cicerone” –4th edition.

Citrus fruits and jams &marmalades

Aside from olives and olive oil production, the farm also grows citrus fruits, particularly oranges and a variety of clementines called “mandaranci”. They are typical products of the Fondi plain and are farmed in the genuine land of San Magno and Settecannelle areas. 
In addition to this, other varieties farmed are figs, prickly pears, carobs and persimmons.

With the fruit we pick we produce genuine home-made jams and marmalades that you will taste during your stay at the Casale.


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Agriturismo Casale Vallevigna
Via Madonna della Rocca, 52
04022 Fondi LT